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   2014 Stats
Heat Wins.........0
Feature Wins………3
Top 5..............9
Top 10………………20

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Oct 11th & 12th at
Port Royal
PA Racesaver
Newlin Racing - Millerstown, PA
Results: 11z Zach
Results: 24 Lance
Path Valley ::  Oct 4th  ::  1st Place
Path Valley ::  Oct 4th  ::  6th Place
In Memory of Don Nonneman

When I first started racing there was an unlimited class with 2 carts, one was a black champ cart with a big #38 on it. That was Don or as others would say “you mean the guy who talks about Jesus.” I had a mishap placing me into the wall bending the kart bad, at the time we thought we were done, we were given the name Don Nonneman. Don had a jig and had the cart back to normal in a short time maybe even better than before.

This is how we got to know the Nonneman’s.

Over Don’s ministry career he has talked with many drivers, Danny Lasoski would call him “The Preacher Man”.  If you raced at Little Greenwood Speedway or Selinsgrove Speedway you no doubt heard Don give the blessing.  Or, if you had the misfortune of getting in a wreck, Don was there to lend a hand and say a prayer for you.   Narrow Road Ministry was invited to Eldora speedway, and after that weekend you could tell Don was excited to be there.

Don was a racer also, the Winged Kart Selinsgrove Outlaws was one of the classes he was instrumental in forming and trying to keep going thru the years; and, he would come off the track with a smile on his face. At Port Royals Tuscarora 50 the “Winged Kart Outlaw” would put on an exhibition at intermission. One of my most memorable moments racing with Don was we were side by side on the backstretch and both dipped into the corner, the Karts were close to hitting each other.  After the race I said to Don “that was real close” Don replied “there was nothing to worry about”.

When Don was diagnosed with leukemia we all thought for sure he would kick its butt and he did for awhile, It was good to see him back at the track. Unfortunately, we had received a call one evening that Don had gone Home. He will be missed at the track, in the back of the black race trailer sitting, and talking after having a bad evening racing and the talks we had in his garage.